About US

Beabos Posture Corrector is an adjustable clavicle brace designed to comfortably improve bad posture.


          Our mission is to help people live happier, healthier lives. Strong posture brace is the key to a healthier upper body and can increase confidence. Feel good knowing you look good and are properly aligned so you can live the active lifestyle you always wanted.


The Beabos Posture Corrector has helped many people regain their power posture. And its done much more than that. Because a solid posture brings more than just a properly functioning body, you will look and feel better. These words come from our friendly customers.


BeaBos is one of a kind, unisex posture brace that is meant to help reinforce a proper posture. BeaBos helps maintain proper spinal alignment and remind your body to maintain good posture.


“Straighten your posture!”